Slow Mo Monster High Boy Doll

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Slo Mo Monster High Boy Doll


Finally Ghoulia Yelps gets a real live boyfriend zombie monster. Sloman Mortavitch is finally available for sale. He’s been one of the most eagerly anticipated boy Monster High dolls to reach the store (and online) shelves. Sloman, or Slo Mo for short, is part of the Monster High Ghouls Spirit doll collection and is on the pep rally team. I love his ghastly pale face is shades of blue and green, and his ashen skin color.  Very zombie-like.

Both Slo Moe and Ghoulia are zombies so they are a natural monster match. He likes to play chess and oddly, for a zombie, loves to play casketball. Generally though, he’s a normal zombie that stares blankly into space most of the time. He’s good friends with Heath Burns and Gil Webber, but his best friend in the webisodes is Don of the Dead. Maybe we will see a Don doll someday too.



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