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Are you in need of a big bag to carry around your Monster High dolls?  Or school gear?  Or just plain stuff?  I love to buy tote bags, probably because clothes are depressing for me to buy.  Everything makes me look dumpy.  And shoes, no I’m not a shoe person either.  So totebags, purses, and backpacks it is.  Here are my favorites:

This bag measures a generous 14 x 2 x 13.5 inches and zips closed at the top.  Great for plane trips because you can stuff it under the seat and nothing will escape.

Monster High tote bag


Here’s a great cross body bag –

Monster High Crossbody Bag

And a shimmery Skullette shoulder bag.

Skullette Tote Bag


Backpacks are great for back to school gear, but they can also be used to haul around toys, dolls, work documents, and like totes are great for traveling because you can stuff them full til they are about to pop.  Whatever your purpose, make sure to check details like size, fabric (stretchy, durable, washable, fade resistant, etc), padded straps, reinforced bottom, and number of pockets and zippers.

Monster High backpack


Monster High Stitched Together Backpack


Monster High Cargo Bag


Monster High Purple Backpack


And now luggage.  I see Monster High luggage rolling through every airport I travel through and it’s so stinkin cute I wish I was a little girl again.  I don’t think they make Monster High suitcases for adults. Hmmmmm…..wonder if Mattel would let me license those?

Monster High luggage comes in hard and soft styles.  The soft ones are similar to a rolling backpack.  They are big enough to hold lots of gear, yet small enough to carry on an airplane.  Great for sleepovers too.

Monster High Suitcase


Skullette luggage



Monster High Rolling Backpack


I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for buying Monster High supply carrying gear.  It’s fun functional and fearsome pretty all at the same time.



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