Monster High Secret Creepers And Critters Pets

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Monster High Secret Creepers are scary cute pets of the MH students that you can whisper your best secrets to and they will keep them safe.  Each pet has a leash with 2 keys that hold the same secret.  All you do is open up their head and hold its brains, then whisper a 10 second private message.  The message gets stored in the leash which you can detach and wear as a bracelet.  Once you reattach the leash the message will be played back to you.

Sir Hoots A Lot – Ghoulia Yelps Secret Creeper Pet

sir hoots a lot secert creeper

They also make funny noises when you press on their brains very briefly.  Another cool feature is that they can transfer your confidential messages to another Secret Creeper.  Just press the brain twice and hold their feet together.  Handy if you misplace one of your Monster High Secret Creepers and need to remember your message.

Whatzit Pet – Frankie Stein’s Secret Creeper

 watzit secret creeper

As of this writing there are just 3 Secret Creepers, Sir Hoots a Lot, Whatzit, and Shiver.  At least 2 more are scheduled for release in 2014, Howleen Wolfs pet hedgehog Cushion, and Toralei Stripes Sweet Fang.  You never know though, Mattel may ramp up the production if these are as big a hit as everyone thinks.

Shiver Pet – Abbey Bominables Secret Creeper

Secret Creepers Shiver

These cute little pets get to hang out in their own Crypt complete with a clubhouse and closing door, doghouse, chaise lounge, and Clawdeen Wolfs cat Crescent, who guards with a motion detection feature.  It’s got lots of hidden compartments to hide stuff and cool Monster High styling and colors.

Monster High Secret Creepers Crypt Playset

Monster High Secret Creeper Crypt



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