Meet Heath Burns From Monster High

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Heath Burns is known around Monster High School as “The Hot Boy”. And for good reason because his hair bursts into flames when he gets excited about something, and he also sneezes fire. He is the cousin of Jackson Jekyll.

Heath Burns Monster High

Heath plays on the Monster High track team and his close friends are Clawd Wolf, Deuce Gorgon, and Slo-Moe. Draculaura had a crush on him for a while but it didn’t last long because she decided he was dreadfully conceited. He also flirts a lot with Frankie Stein but she’s not interested in him either.

Heath Burns Has An Fiery Temperment

heath burns

Heath’s personality is a bit arrogant, and he has a reputation of being a loud mouth. He likes to flirt a lot with the Monster High girls. They don’t like his attitude though and often tell him to get over himself He’s tried to cozy up the Abbey Bominable a couple of times and she ended up freezing him in his tracks. Sometimes even his friend Deuce Gorgon turns him to stone temporarily just to keep him out of trouble. He does have a couple of good qualities though. He has been helpful at times to the Fearleading squad, and he tried to make Draculaura feel good about her makeup after Cleo DeNile wrecked it.

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