Monster High Freaky Fusion Mutant Dolls For 2014

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Freaky Fusion Monster High Dolls

Attendees and those following the New York Toy Fair 2014 got a look at one of the new Monster High doll lines being introduced this year.  They are called Freaky Fusion dolls and are a mix, or mutant, of different dolls that have fused together.

Additionally Mattel will release new characters that are unique to the Freaky Fusion line. These characters will star in the upcoming Monster High Freaky Fusion movie so fans can get to know them and their personalities.

The storyline revolves around Frankie Stein and friends going back in time 200 years to the Monster High catacombs (spoiler – that will be a new playset).  On the way back they accidentally become fused together to create all new 2 in 1 characters in the adventure.  And they bring some new ghouls from the catacombs back with them.

The first dolls to show up in stores are Bonita Femur, Avea Trotter, and Sirena Von Boo Doll.

Avea Trotter

Avea Trotter Freaky Fusion Doll

Avea is part Centaur and part Harpy.  I love that she has articulated knees on the front and she’s got fabulous Harpy eye makeup.

 Bonita Femur
Bonita Femur Freaky Fusion DollBonita is part Skeleton and part Moth.  She’s got elaborate boned wings and can stand on her own.

Siren von Boo

Siren Von Boo Freaky Fusion DollMeet Siren Von Boo, part ghost and part mermaid.  She’s got long purple hair and a scaly tail.  She also stands up by herself.  No need for clumsy doll stands now.

Watch for several more new Freaky Fusion dolls , including a new boy doll, Neighthan Rot.  He’s going to be part unicorn and part zombie.  I can’t wait.


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