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Twyla came to Monster High School in May 2013. She is the 14 year old daughter of the Boogey Man. She is extremely shy and can hang out in shadows and not be seen if she is very still. That’s how she mostly likes to stay just so she doesn’t attract any attention. Most social situations scare and intimidate her.

Monster High Twyla Doll

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Twyla is on of the 13 Wishes Monster High Dolls. The storyline behind this group is that while Howleen Wolf is snooping around the attic of Monster High she finds an old genie lamp. When she rubs the lamp, a Monster Genie – Gigi Grant comes out and grants her 13 wishes. Of course as all free genie wishes do, these come with strings attached and they turn out to be not what Howleen expects. There is a feature length television movie that will be shown in October of 2013 that tells how Twyla and all the other dolls from this line come into play.

Twyla has a pet dust bunny named Dustin. She found Dustin blowing around in the wind and adopted him. He has one gray eye and one lime green eye and is made from the dust you find under a bed. That’s where Boogey characters lurk. Twyla chooses to capture bad dreams from children rather than give them nightmares. She’s nice that way.

Monster High School

Twyla the Doll

Twyla has bootiful blue-gray skin and her hands and lower arms fade into a dark gray. Her legs are covered with swirl patterns, supposedly replicating swirls of dust. Twyla’s eyes are pink and glow green in the dark (I haven’t tried this yet). Her eye makeup is purple with green eyebrows, and her lipstick is soft pink.

Her dress is dark blue, black, and mint green and her jewelry and accessories include dreamcatcher markings. The outfit is sprinkled with dust mite patterns. It fits her style perfectly and is soft yet striking.

Twylas hair is mint green with purple and blue streaks. The style is long and reaches below her waist. In front she wears bangs. Her hair is very soft and because it’s straight it brushes easily.

The Twyla doll is smaller than the other Monster High dolls too. You can see in the photo below as she poses next to the Lagoona Blue 13 Wishes doll. I suppose it’s because she’s very young – just 14. Most of the others are at least 2 years older.

Monster High School

Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll

You can find this doll on Amazon at a reasonable price. She comes with a diary journal, a purse, jewelry, and Dustin her pet dust bunny.

Monster High New Scaremester Twyla Doll

Twyla has all new fashions and a killer book bag for the new ghoul school year.  New in June 2014. Scaremester is a subline of the Signature Monster High dolls. Meaning the character isn’t defined by a theme.

Monster High Coffin Bean Twyla Doll

Twyla loves to fang out at the Coffin Bean with all her friends from Monster High.  She has a favorite beverage that fits in her hand.

Monster High School

Some Likes Dislikes and Fun Facts

  • She is friends with Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist. She met Howleen at lunch one day when she was sitting invisibly in the shadows and didn’t realize that werewolves can smell better than most monsters can see. Howleen picked Twyla out right away and sparked up a conversation.
  • There isn’t a romantic interest in her life right now. She likes the same boys as her friend Howleen.
  • Her favorite colors are shadowy blue and purple – Blurple.
  • Her pet peeves are when people don’t understand that she doesn’t want to scare humans, and also vacuum cleaners. I guess it would be easy to miss Twyla and vacuum her from under the bed since her colors are so shadowy.
  • She loves swallowing nightmares so that is considered her favorite food.
  • Favorite subject – Psychology
  • Least favorite subject – Speech

Monster High School

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