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The wait for the Scarah Screams Monster High doll is over. She’s been released in limited numbers. That means for the time being she’s going to be hard to find and expensive. Hopefully soon Mattel will put a mainstream doll on the market and we can all have one.

Scarah Screams Hoodude Voodoo

A little background about Scarah Screams from Monster High – At San Diego Comic Con International in 2011 there were 3 prototype dolls, Scarah, the Daughter of Arachne, and Headmistress Bloodgood displayed. Those who attended got to vote on which character they thought should be the next Monster High Doll. So this year at the event the winner, Scarah Screams, was available for sale both individually and with her friend Hoodude Voodoo in a limited edition 2 pack.

Scarah’s History And Family

Scarah Screams has been a background character in the Monster High Webisodes since Volume 1. She’s played minor parts in many of the episodes and is now ready to step into the limelight. She also was seen in the television special “New Ghoul at School”. She’s 15 years old and the daughter of the Banshee, who in Ireland often appears and announces the death of someone. The Banshee is usually seen by the water, washing a burial shroud and a piece of clothing of the person that will die. She has a bloodcurdling scream that is heard the night before the person’s death.

Finally A Scarah Screams We Can All Afford To Buy

Available in June 2013 From Toys R Us

Scarah Screams Doll


Scarah, unlike her mother, is quiet and would rather be seen than heard. Sometimes she says things that others interpret to mean bad news is coming so she is careful what she says and doesn’t talk much to other monsters. Although she’s distant to most, she’s very compassionate and friendly to those close to her. She’s got her mother’s Irish accent, and her favorite color is green, a tribute to her Irish ancestors.

SDCC Scarah Screams Doll


Scarah has pale bluish green skin and haunting white eyes with no pupils. She wears her black hair in a 60s style retro flip with a lime green headband. She wears a green halter top turtleneck sweater and leather mini-skirt, with dark green high heel pumps. One of her fascinating qualities is that she can read minds. Of course she doesn’t need eyeballs for that.

Scarah Screams Freaky Fusion

Her best friend is Hoodude Voodoo, who has a locker near her. She likes him because he’s a good listener and is very sensitive. She’s also friends with Frankie Stein, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, and Ghoulia Yelps. Draculara also has limited telepathy skills so they have something in common. Scarah doesn’t have a boyfriend, however Heath Burns has tried several times to attract her attention romantically.

Scarah’s Likes & Dislikes

  • Favorite Subject – Literature
  • Least Favorite Subject – Speech
  • Favorite Color – Green
  • Favorite Food – Coddie
  • Pet Peeve – When other monsters try to imitate her accent or thing she is can bring them luck because she’s Irish.
  • Favorite Activity – Wailing when nobody is near, and listening to others tell stories.




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