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Clawdeen Wolf Monster High DollClawdeen Wolf is the daughter of The Werewolf monster.  She’s got a brother Clawd Wolf who is dating Draculaura, and she’s got lots of other wolflings in her family.  Her pet is a cat named Crescent.

Clawdeen is a confident and energetic monster.  She’s a fashionista who wants to be a designer after she finishes Monster High.  Her furrocious attitude and killer sense of style will very likely take her a long way in her career.

She’s one of the coolest ghouls at Monster High because of her frightfully fabulous outfits.  As the captain of the girls soccer team and can really tear up the field.  That’s a really hair-raising achievement, given that her uniform includes open-toed high heel shoes.

Clawdeen’s skin is very tan and she has pointed wolflike ears.  Her fur grows very fast and she continually shaves and waxes to make her beautiful skin show.   She’s caused an uproar with some doll owner’s parents because they believe she’s encouraging their young girls to wax and shave at too early an age. But if she doesn’t shave she offends the animal rights groups because they believe she’s wearing animal furs.  So what’s a monster to do?  Someone’s going to be upset either way.

Some of Clawdeen’s favorites:
•    Food – steak, extra rare – barely seared on the outsides
•    Color – Gold – it’s the only thing she and Cleo de Nile agree on
•    Subject – Economics because she wants to have a strong business background for her fashion business
•    Best Friends – Draculaura and Frankie Stein – they have a howling good time
•    Full moons – even a spotlight in a dark room gets her into wolf mode



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