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Meet Catty Noir, the famous feline pop singer who recently gave up fame to become a regular ghoul at Monster High. You can tell from her fashions that she’s not quite ready to give up the glam that goes along with being famous though. She still loves being the center of attention and will pounce at the chance to sing for anyone.

Catty Noir Doll

Catty came to school on Friday, September 13, 2013. Thirteen is her lucky number and that’s the day the doll was available in stores and online for purchase. She is 16 years old and and the 5th Werecat character in the Mattel doll line. She is one of the Signature Self Standing dolls, meaning she doesn’t belong to a particular subline of dolls. The only other SSS dolls are CA Cupid and Headmistress Bloodgood.

Who Is This Freaky Feline?

Catty Noir Monster High Doll

She’s one of my favorite dolls from the Mattel Monster High line. I love her black skin and long two toned magenta hair. Her hair is very soft and easy to brush. She’s got pink eyes with glittery silver makeup, and a cute pink nose too.

The accessories included are a journal with the number 13 on the front, silver boots that break apart into two pieces and clip back on, a metallic microphone and jewelry. One of her earrings is shaped like the number 13, her lucky number.

This doll has a cool saddle stand that allows her glittery gown to fall into place naturally and not bunch up. It’s a big improvement over the traditional Monster High doll stands.

She comes dressed in a glamorous glittery stage gown in her signature color pink. The dress features a silver bodice with black spider web patterns and is an off one shoulder style, and a skirt full of sparkly tulle. She brings her silver microphone everywhere and her necklace and bracelets are metallic to match. Catty has a long curled tail that is removable but also fits through a convenient slot in the skirt.

Her long soft pink hair styled in a high ponytail with shorter wisps near her face are swept off to one side. She’s a beautiful doll.

Catty has officially enrolled in another Scaremester at Monster High School. She has trimmed down her outfit to accommodate the crowded hallways but definitely didn’t shortchange the glitter. And she still sports plenty of her signature pink color. Her best accessory in my opinion is the crazy cute Skullette school bag.

Fun and Freaky Facts

  • She is very superstitious. You can tell by certain little rituals she performs, like entering a state from the left and exits to the right. She walks under ladders whenever she sees one, wears her lucky boots to avoid making mistakes, and carries broken shards of a mirror when she performs.
  • Catty doesn’t have a pet. It’s difficult to have one when one does so much traveling. She hopes to adopt a pet as soon as she gets settled at Monster High.
  • Favorite color – Magenta, but any color of pink will do.
  • Favorite food – She eats the same meal before ever performance, it’s one of her superstitions – 7 chicken nuggets, 5 apple slices, 1 strawscarry shake. Chilling cheese fries is her best after a concert snack.
  • Catty loves to read and respond to fan letters. Her fans adore her and she loves them too. She does not like being on strict schedules so much. One more reason to step into a normal lifestyle.

Listen To Her New Theme Song Performance

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