Invisi Billy Doll – Son of the Invisible Man

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Invisi Billy ScareMester Doll

Invisi Billy is the son of the Invisible Man from the old time monster movies.  He’s a big practical joker and his first joke was on his Monster High doll fans.  In 2012 a picture of his empty box was on the Monster High Facebook Page and the Gory Gazette with the caption “How do you know I’m not in the box?” written on the front.  Of course all the MH doll collectors eagerly anticipated his release and were disappointed when he didn’t appear on store shelves.

Invisibilly empty boxWell fortunately 2 years later we can finally buy him in stores and online.  The artwork on the front of the box is the same but the back is different from the 2012 version.

Invisibilly is part of the new Scaremester doll line and is in stores this May.  He is wearing a blue beanie cap, a blue hooded sweater and blue shorts complete with white belt and white shoes.  His accessories are a over the shoulder messenger bag and some silver colored jewelry.

His body and limbs are white and fade to clear like Spectra Vondergeist, so fans thought they would be a perfect couple, but it seems like he’s enchanted with Scarah Screams instead.  Most of the other Monster High ghouls think Invisi Billy is dreamy and swoon over him.

Invisi Billy is 15 years old and stays invisible most of the time.  He can make himself seen when he wants though.  He had a dog once but found a new home for him because people thought it was a stray when he took him for a walk.   He likes theater courses in school, mostly because he can create grawsome special effects for the stage.  And his favorite color is camouflage.

I think Invisibilly is destined to be a hard to find collectible so I’m purchasing mine online even if I have to pay a premium.  I haven’t been able to find him in stores yet.  If I end up finding him in stores I’ll sell the duplicate for a premium online and make some of my money back.



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