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Some of the most exciting news of the summer is the launch of the new Ever After High dolls by Mattel.  They are a spin off story of Monster High.  The connection between the two schools is C A Cupid.  She is the daughter of the Greek God of Love and spends much of her after school time at Monster High hosting a call in radio show to give advice to the lovelorn.  She knows a lot about relationships, and since it’s her specialty, she feels its her way of giving back to the community.

c.a. cupid monster high dollA few months ago Cupid mentioned on her show that she would really like to branch out and help students from other schools with their relationships too.  Turns out the Ever After High School has quite a few relationship issues.  Not necessarily love problems though.

You see at Ever After High the students are learning how to carry on the fairy tales and folklore that’s been handed down from generations past.  They must stick to the script exactly to ensure their stories continue.  And the school curriculum is designed to make sure they take over the roles of their parents.

For Apple White – daughter of Snow White, this is perfect.  She knows she will live happily ever after and looks forward to her studies.  In fact each year when the pupils must take a public oath to carry on their fairy tale roles she is first in line.

For others, like Raven Queen, the fairy tale future isn’t so bright.  She knows she must learn to be an Evil Queen.  That’s not exactly her style and she’s trying to figure out a way to get around it.  This year when she took her oath, she never quite got the words out of her mouth before she fled the stage.

Not good news for Apple White.  If Raven doesn’t grow up and feed her poison, she will never fall into a deep sleep, and her Prince Charming won’t deliver the kiss that wakes her up and lets them live happily ever after.

The headmaster of the school, Milton Grim, and his brother, Giles Grim, are charged with administering the studies with no exception.  Milton give Apple the task of talking Raven into learning the Evil Queen role. She’s got to convince her that it is her only choice for the future.   Giles is the Keeper of Lost Tales in the basement of Ever After High, and he’s not sure sure the outcome can’t be changed.

So back to the relationships that Cupid will be helping with.  There are two groups of students, Royals and Rebels.  All the Royals, like Apple White, are born into elite families that have everything to look forward to.  The Rebels are just the opposite. Like Raven Queen, they are disadvantaged and have a negative future.  Headmaster Grim could care less about what they want, he just knows it’s his responsibility to continue the fairy tales for the next generations.  Cupid will need to sort out the mess.

So far there are 4 pictures released by Mattel of dolls in the Ever After High line. They are Apple White, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty – daughter of Sleeping Beauty, and Madeline Hatter – daughter of the Mad Hatter.  Here are the photos:

Ever After High DollsLook at their fairy tale fashions and the accessories.  Very detailed.  And I love the big heads.  I’m drawn to big headed dolls.  I’ll be buying these online or in the stores as soon as they are available.

There are plans for many more characters including Kitty Cheshire and Ashlynn Ella among others.  Stay tuned for more on these new Mattel dolls.

Ever After High Storybook Shannon HaleEver After High The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale


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